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In the culinary arts, a dish that is prepared with one spice or one seasoning can be palatable but it is typically unremarkable.  However, when there is the right mixture and diversity of flavors, the dish becomes extraordinary. At Perception + Change, we work with organizations to identify your needs and build and enable strategies that harness the power of diversity to deliver extraordinary results.

Perception + Change Consulting was born from the idea that what makes us different can and will collectively make us stronger. It has been our mission to educate and train individuals and organizations on the value of diversity and the impact of building organizations that mirror the communities and customers in which they serve. 


Our passion is helping others understand the power of race, class, and gender inclusion. The sessions are designed to provide fact and research based information that will allow participants to see how institutional and structural racism, sexism, and classism exists and how best to eradicate it from your organization. 

For more than 25 years, I have worked in organizations to lead the development of more diverse and inclusive environments and subsequently to enhance the performance within these organizations. From public schools, institutions of higher education, and corporate settings, I have led efforts to improve the way organization's value diversity, assist in instilling a commitment to equality, and to deliver executable strategies that drive organizations to achieve excellence. 

We built this agency to bring change. 

We help you achieve change in the following ways:​

  • We begin with assessing your organization's current state. This will lay the foundation for where you are in your organization's diversity spectrum and help chart a path to where you want to be.

  • We help facilitate a listening plan with your organization so that you are not just hearing from the outside world but also the one that is within your organization.

  • We then define the goals and craft the actions necessary to move you in the desired direction with milestones to ensure that you are progressing as planned.

Our hope is that clients leave our sessions and workshops with a renewed sense of purpose and an outlook for change. 

All of this is done with proven processes and approaches that quickly advance your organizations objectives.

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