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Perception + Change Consulting

A Diversity  & Inclusion Consulting Agency

The Problem + Solution

There are people who believe the Earth is flat simply because they do not see its curvature. If they changed their vantage point it would be obvious that it is, in fact, spherical. The same is true for racism. People do not believe that racism exists because they don't see it. They don't experience it. However, if they too change their vantage point, they would see the irrefutable fact that racism is prevalent today in many aspects of our society. 

At Perception + Change, we work to alter your organization's vantage point and help your organization see the issues of race. We develop custom solutions that help your organization address the challenges and rewards of a more diverse and inclusive environment. 

How We Bring Change

Our consulting services guide you from assessment-to- strategy-to-implementation. Start the conversation with a free 30 min assessment of your organizations needs and how we can help deliver diversity solutions for your business and organization.

High-energy, interactive dialogues that awaken audiences and inspire leaders to step forward more proactively on behalf of diversity, and set a tone that seeks and celebrates inclusion as a core business driver.

Formulate the business case for diversity while deepening your understanding of the distinctions between the two. Teach inclusive workplace behaviors that enable all of your employees to value diversity of thought and build a culture of inclusiveness.

Customized diversity training with your team to help you cultivate inclusiveness in your work practices and daily interactions.


Our Agency

​Our A​gency uses proven techniques to bring forth and continue the conversation on race, class, and gender inequality. We enable open dialog from participants to address the need for intercultural competence and cultural sensitive interaction. Our seminars and workshops are designed to educate and dispel myths that have surrounded race, gender, and class for decades. 

Tonia Florence-Walker is the Founder and Managing Director of Perception + Change. She has over 25 years of experience with diversity training in diverse environments. Her educational background includes a Masters Degree from Teachers College Columbia University and a Masters and Bachelor Degrees from the University of North Texas. Throughout Tonia's career with the Dallas Public Schools, University of North Texas and Ball State University, Tonia has demonstrated her knowledge and expertise in driving change by pushing participants thinking forward and drive breakthroughs in diversity. The seminars and workshops are designed to provide awareness of how race, class, and gender drive our decisions and build tangible action plans to drive diversity and its associated organizational value. 

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